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What is The Positivity Project?


The Positivity Project (P2) aims to empower students to build positive relationships and become their best selves (NOTE: Watch the P2 founding story video here). Positive psychology’s 24 character strengths serve as its foundation. From bravery and perseverance to integrity and gratitude, the character strengths are classified and described in the 800-page book Character Strengths and Virtues. These strengths aren’t about ignoring the negative. Instead, they help us overcome life’s inevitable adversities. 

What are the benefits of implementing The Positivity Project?

By consistently teaching students about the character strengths that people possess, they see themselves and other people based on the content of their character. This ability enhances their self-awareness and self-confidence, understanding and appreciation of others, and interpersonal relationships – which, in the long-term, will positively influence students across their lifespans. In the near team, it leads to more positive interactions and positive relationships within classrooms and schools — ultimately leading to a more positive school culture that supports teachers' ability to teach and students' ability to learn.

P2 evolves throughout a student’s entire school career. As students grow and understand their character through instruction and experience, their strengths gain more meaning. They become a part of a student’s vocabulary and how they see themselves and the people around them — including characters in books and movies. 

P2 empowers students by acknowledging that the 24 character strengths are already part of who they are as people. It helps them realize that every one of them can tap into these strengths — and not just as students, but for the rest of their lives. 

How can you help?

Family involvement is an integral part of student success, and we would love for you to take an active role in your student’s character strength education. P2 for Families (password: P2) provides an easy, accessible way to reiterate the character strengths vocabulary and have meaningful discussions about the importance of relationships at home. Additionally, you can follow P2 on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to stay updated on all things P2.

P2 for Families

Make sure to all sign up for P2 Resources for Families. You’ll find quotes, videos, and questions to help you and your children discuss The Positivity Project’s character strength of the week.


Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

You notice and value the world’s beauty and people’s skills. You don’t take things for granted.


You value each member of your group and inspire people to do their best.


You act with mental, moral, or physical strength even when you know things are difficult or scary.


You value close relationships with others and being close to people.


You come up with new and original ways to think about and do things.

Love of Learning

You master new skills and topics on your own
or in school.


You like exploration and discovery. You ask lots of questions because you want to learn more about anything and everything.


You like to consider new ideas and try new things. You examine things from all sides and don’t jump
to conclusions. 


You approach life with excitement and energy. You energize people around you. 


You expect the best from the future and work to
achieve it.


You believe that all people have value. You approach situations with an unbiased mindset and treat everyone with respect. 


You complete what you start despite obstacles. You never give up. 


You forgive those who have done wrong. You accept that people make mistakes.


You appreciate that people see things in different ways. You have the ability to understand the world from multiple points of view.


You are aware of and thankful for good things
that happen.


You plan for the future and achieve your goals by making careful everyday choices. 


You do not seek the spotlight. You let your actions speak for themselves. 


You have beliefs about the meaning of life and your
life’s purpose. You seek to be part of something greater than yourself.


You like to laugh and bring smiles to other people. 


You have the ability to control your emotions and behaviors. You think before you act.


You are honest and speak the truth. You present yourself genuinely and sincerely.

Social Intelligence

You are aware of other people’s thoughts and feelings. You understand why they do things.


You are generous to others, and you are never too busy to help out. You enjoy doing good deeds for other people. 


You work well as a member of a group or team. You are loyal, reliable, and dedicated to helping your team achieve its goals.


August Date



Intro Week – Other People
Mindset (OPM)
SEP 11–15 
CuriositySEP 18-22 
TeamworkSEP 25-29 
Open-MindednessOCT 2-6 
OPM – Being present and giving
others my attention
OCT 9-13 
IntegrityOCT 16–20 
CreativityOCT 23–27 
Knowing my words and actions affect othersOCT 30–NOV 3 
BraveryNOV 6–10 
GratitudeNOV 13–17 
GratitudeNOV 20–24 
KindnessNOV 27–DEC 1 
Supporting others when they struggleDEC 4–8 
Self-ControlDEC 11–15 
Spiral ReviewDEC 18–22 
OptimismJAN 1–5 
PrudenceJAN 8-12 
PerseveranceJAN 15–19 
Social IntelligenceJAN 22–26 
ForgivenessJAN 29–FEB 2 
Cheering Others' SuccessFEB 5–9 
LoveFEB 12–16 
HumilityFEB 19–23 
Love of LearningFEB 26–MAR 1 
Spirit WeekMAR 4–8 
Identifying and appreciating the good in othersMAR 11–15 
PerspectiveMAR 18–22 
FairnessMAR 25–29 
HumorAPR 1–5 
Spiral ReviewAPR 8–12 
PurposeAPR 15–19 
Appreciation of Beauty and ExcellenceAPR 22–26 
EnthusiasmAPR 29 – MAY 3 
LeadershipMAY 6–10 
Outro Week- Other People MatterMAY 13–17 
Spiral ReviewMay 20–24