School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Strategies


Ravensworth Elementary

Region 4

Erica Aspuria, Principal

End of Year SMARTR Outcome

#1   SMARTR Goal:  During the 2019-2020 school year, staff will learn about and become familiar with the Advanced Academics Program and the Young Scholars Program, and the AAP resources as shown by increasing their score from a pre to post-survey.


Strategy 1

All K-6  grade level  teachers will participate in professional development about AAP resources and experiences.

Strategy 2

Classroom teachers will implement AAP resources and lessons within their curriculum.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome

#2  SMARTR Goal:  All students will have guided experiences to explore the POG area - Ethical and Global Citizen, as shown by a collection of participation data from teachers.

Experiences will address some of the following goals:

  • Acknowledges and understands diverse perspectives and cultures when considering local, national, and world issues.

  • Contributes to solutions that benefit the broader community.

  • Communicates effectively in multiple languages to make meaningful connections.

  • Understands the foundations of our country and values our rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

  • Demonstrates empathy, compassion, and respect for others

Strategy 1

All staff will participate in the implementation of the Positivity Project (P2)


Strategy 2

Students will participate in activities that benefit the broader community such as food drive, mitten tree, recycling, etc.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome

#3  SMARTR Goal:  We will increase our pass rate on the overall  SOL Reading by at least two percentage points from Spring 2019 (90%) to Spring 2020 (92% goal). 

Strategy 1

Students with a history of struggling in reading will be included in targeted small group instruction, in-class and during blue block (intervention)

Strategy 2

Teachers will participate in reading PD