Back to School Forms

Required Back to School Forms

Required Forms

The forms listed in the table below are required for all Ravensworth Elementary students. Please complete the forms and submit according to the instructions. 


Materials to Review

Submission Instructions

Emergency Care Form   Email to: [email protected]
Health Form   Email to: [email protected]
Student Rights and Responsibilties Parents and guardians, please review the Student Rights and Responsibilities and related resources at online submission
Parent Consent for Digital Resources

The list of resources that require parent consent can be found here.

Directions for completing the form can be found here.

online submission
Health Screen Commitment Form Health and Safety Guidance can be found here.  


Optional Forms

Opt-Out Booklet Complete ONLY if you want to opt out of the activities listed in this form. Email completed form to [email protected]
Identification of Military Students Complete if a parent serves in the United States military. Email completed form to [email protected]
Homeless Student Referral Form This form is for homeless students. Email completed form to [email protected]
Fairfax County Family Life Education OPT-OUT Request Form

Complete ONLY if parent/guardian wants to opt out of instruction. Email completed form to [email protected].