Ms. Joyner Recognized as FCPS CARES of the Month Recipient!

November 2022 FCPS Region 4 Recipient

By November 2022 FCPS Region 4 Recipient
December 20, 2022

Congratulations to Ms. Lauren Joyner on his recognition as the November 2022 FCPS CARES Region 4 Recipient of the Month, presented by the FCPS Department of Human Resources!

The FCPS CARES Program is an opportunity for parents, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. We invite you to submit your story below, so we can all acknowledge the good work of FCPS employees.

Below is the write-up submitted by a Ravensworth Elementary School parent.  

Oh my goodness, where do I start? My son had a very difficult previous year. This year, my son had the incredible luck to have Lauren Joyner as his 3rd-grade teacher. She is beyond what you would expect from a teacher (even as we all have such high expectations). She is truly the definition of what we are all looking for in a teacher. She is CARING, she LOVES the kids, she COMMUNICATES with families, she TEACHES the kids, and the kids feel LOVED. Only in a setting where they feel RESPECTED and LOVED will they flourish, and this year, my son is so HAPPY, feels SAFE, and is LEARNING and GROWING. You will see that I've highlighted certain words in this description. Those are the words that highlight just some of Ms. Joyner's qualities as a teacher, we can add PASSIONATE, BRIGHT, WARM, COMMITTED, STUDENT-CENTERED, EMPATHETIC, but if I keep going, I know I will run over the character limit. I am in awe of her and hope FCPS brings on more teachers like Ms. Joyner, that have a passion for education and students. Thank you Ms. Joyner. Your class LOVES you.