Staff Spotlight - Ms. Barb Archibald

Ms. Barb Archibald

Staff Spotlight
January 13, 2021

In this week's staff spotlight,  we feature Barb Archibald.  Ms. Archibald is one of our 4th-Grade  teachers. 

Share something interesting about you. 

I can't click my fingers. I have a gift for seeing details. If you have lost something, I will help you find it. :)

What is your teaching philosophy?

We all have weaknesses, strengths, and gifts.

What makes working at Ravensworth so great? 

I love the diversity of Ravensworth. Everyone is willing to help with anything.

Favorite Inspirational Quote

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken." Oscar Wilde


The love the ARTS of all kinds. My vacation destinations are centered around the ARTS and visiting architectural sites that I've studied. I love walking, Yoga, and swimming and reading. Listening to other humans' stories is fascinating to me.